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Protective Gear

PPE & Medical

PPE- Industrial and Safety


Incolite has  one of the largest ranges of safety and rescue equipment, supplies and first aid products available. We have partnered with the best factories to provide direct full supply chain and high quality product line.

A full range of safety equipment including; Safety Storage, Emergency response, Personal protection, Welding, Traffic Control, Security, Identification, Instruments, Matting, Maintenance and Material Handling.


A full range of occupational health & safety supplies, including safety glasses, helmets, gloves, hearing protection, dust masks, respirators, antiseptic solutions, absorbent products, and bio-hazard and disinfection, etc.

A wide range of first aid products including: First aid kits in many sizes, bandages, gauze, eye wash, scissors, gloves, trauma blankets, sterile wipes etc.


Medical & Hospital

Incolite provides products, technology and supplies to its customers which allows them operate more effectively at a lower costs and improve patient health.

Incolite provides a comprehensive range of medical and surgical supplies and equipment to its customers. Our range is sourced in Europe, far east to form a  line of high-quality products. We provide Medical Disposables such as, Surgical Masks, Bouffant Caps, Infusion Disposable Products, Plastic Scissors, Plastic Mouth Piece, Plastic Tweezers, Disposable Boot Cover, Disposable Shoe Cover, Face Mask, Disposable Apron, Disposable Lab Coat, as well as, Fixed assets and equipment for clinics and hospitals, such as, Hospital Beds, Monitors, X-Ray Film processor tabletop, Ultrasound, Operating Table, Syringe pump, Delivery Bed, Examination Lamp, Fetal Monitor, Microscope Binocular, Incubator laboratory, Scale for Adults, Patient trolley, Nebulizer and more.


During the COVID-19 breakout, Incolite worked with several European and ME governments to provide Medical safety equipment from Masks to ventilators. Fast deliveries of high quality products were delivered continuously and successfully  in a challenging environment, overcoming shortages due to our excellent factory sourcing and contacts.

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