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Buying Office 

With long years of experience, Incolite is acting as the gateway between you and your suppliers. Our services are specially aimed at medium-sized enterprises determined to reduce costs by importing goods from China, Far East and European countries.

Whether you plan to outsource your production to China, Far East and Europe or want to extend your product portfolio, Incolite represents your interests and takes care of your procurement, logistics and supply chain management.

Incolite is unique in its ability to work as a single source supplier and a one stop shop for sourcing. procurement, engineering, quality control, testing and shipping.


Our services Include:

  • IT consulting and Services

  • Diagnostic and design of Migration from on Premises to Cloud

  • Execution of Migration from Premises to Cloud

  • Design of IT platform for Governance Auditory

  • Audit of IT Governance

  • Disaster Recovery Plan Development

  • Maintenance and Training

  • Consultancy on quality control services, information systems, identifying projects, advertising and marketing

  • Strategic IT planning, consulting and maintenance

  • Development services and custom software

  • Security Operations Center Monitoring

  • Hosting and Domain management


With Incolite you don't need to worry about your own buying office, office rental, recruitment of staff, dealing with visa and tax regulations. There are no operating costs to consider.


Transparency and Problem Solving

  • Complete Transparency: At Incolite buying office we emphasize on a trustworthy business cooperation. Transparency towards our clients is a key factor in this regard. For example established customers can always visit the manufacturers we recommend for you - and we encourage you to do so. As we are confident to achieve substantial savings for you we always offer our sourcing and procurement services on a basis of success. In this way risks are further minimised and there is no need to set up your own buying office in China.

  • Communication without Obstacles: All negotiations in China are managed by our experienced Chinese team. This enables us to guarantee a smooth communication with your suppliers or Chinese business partners at any time. We will translate your technical specifications into Chinese to make sure they are understood by the technical staff responsible for the production in China. Likewise, we contact the engineers directly to discuss any additional questions you might have.

  • Effective Conflict Management: In case there are any problems with your suppliers, our Chinese team is there to solve them. Common misunderstandings on account of cultural differences can be easily avoided as we are able to approach conflicts in an active manner.  Furthermore we will also only discuss problems with those people in the position of making decisions at the manufacturer. We will support your interests in China so that you can concentrate on your main business.


Cost Reduction Strategies

  • Significant Savings Potential: Effective cost reduction is a key element when it comes to importing from China. Alongside finding qualified suppliers, price negotiations are very important. In China prices are always open to negotiations. Our experienced Chinese team has been working in supplier management for years. Therefore, you can rest assured that we always negotiate the best profit margin for you while managing your sourcing and procurement projects in China.

  • Extensive Product Range: Due to our presence in the manufacturing centers of Tianjin and Guangzhou we are able to cover a great array of different products. We take sourcing in China seriously and are not restricted to certain regions as most buying offices in China normally are.


Operating costs and Quality Control (QC)

  • No Operating Costs: If you had to set up a procurement office in China to supervise your local projects, you would have to deal with a great amount of work and running expenses. Non of these costs are incurred as we will coordinate your procurement and outsourcing projects in China. We believe mutual success to be the basis for a long term business relationship. This is why we only charge you a service fee if we are able to generate a substantial added value in terms of profit margin and product quality for you.

  • Safety and Quality Control (QC): Precautions are of utmost importance to ensure protection of your intellectual property. This being said we always remove unnecessary details from samples and technical drawings not needed for quoting a price. Signing a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with Chinese suppliers is always a good option. Please note that non-disclosure agreements should be written in Chinese to ensure their law enforceability power. We also remove custom-made moulds from the manufacturer after production to avoid unauthorised use and conduct all necessary pre-shipment quality controls (QC) in China. Parts of a product can also be manufactured at different companies with final assembly being carried out at yet another manufacturer on your demand. This way exposure of your intellectual property (IP) is minimised. And last but not least at Incotech buying office we are able to provide you with extensive expertise about patent protection and applications through our patent lawyer in Beijing.

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