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About Us

About Us

Incolite provides dedicated management services integration and sourcing services for customers and for projects in Medical, Tools, Home Appliances, IT and Software Development.


During its 35 years of operation, Incolite has gained vast experience and knowledge in different fields, processes and cultures which contributed to its success.

Incolite has fully staffed offices in China, Holland, England, Switzerland, Poland, Hungary, Israel, Hong Kong, India.

Inoctech has customers in most European Countries, South America and Africa.

Incotech is currently sourcing in Europe, US, Africa, Far East.

Incolite has more than 15 years of experience in doing safe and smooth business in China. Incotech has a team of professional auditors, quality control inspectors, sourcing specialists, lawyers and business  consultants.

 All our services are catered for overseas importers or exporters worldwide. We are offering a ONE-STOP import and export business solution and aiming to create value for our clients  worldwide. Our mission is to save you more and reduce the risks in doing business in China!  

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